Serving as the closing event to the 250th celebrations, the Farm to Table Dinner is scheduled to take place on 14 Oct 2017 from 4:30 - 8:00 pm and will not be your average community dinner.  The Dinner is intended to promote local farms, encourage healthy eating, stimulate our local sustainable food chain and of course; show people how GOOD healthy, local eating can be!  The dinner will showcase the many different meats, vegetables, cheeses and fruits raised in our area and will include Hors d' oeuvres and a Five course, plated dinner. 

We have discounted tickets available to Ashby residents and any unsold tickets after Labor Day will be available to the public.  We are looking to have all food for the event and raffles to be sourced within 20 miles of Ashby, MA.

The event will be rain or shine under cover at the beautiful Ashby Stock Farm and is BYOB. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and if you have an interest in supporting or volunteering for this event in any way as a business or volunteer please fill out an online form at the following location.



  1. How much will the tickets cost?   Up to 4 tickets per Ashby residence can be purchased at the discounted price of $69 in honor of celebrating Ashby 

  2. Can kids go?   Kids are welcome if they are under adult supervision but the ticket prices are the same for any age.

  3. Will you be serving alcohol?  No.  It will be BYOB so you can bring your own (we will have wine glasses but don't forget a corkscrew / bottle opener).

  4. Are there dress requirements?   Come in jeans, suit / tie or tuxedo; whatever you are comfortable in. 

  5. Will there be entertainment?   We plan to have light music during the meal.

  6. What kind of food will be served?  The menu is posted below.

  7. When will tickets go on sale?  Tickets sales will start on 17 Aug at 6:00 pm.  

  8. How will tickets be sold?  All reservations should be requested at the following online location --> 

  9. How can I buy tickets if I don't have access to the internet?  Free internet access is available at the library.  Someone from the 250th committee will be at the library from 6 - 8 for anyone who needs assistance.

  10. Can I buy tickets for friends / family who do not live in Ashby?  You have to LIVE in Ashby to purchase tickets before Labor Day but you do not have to live in Ashby to ATTEND.

  11. Will there be allergy / vegetarian options offered?  We will accommodate vegetarian alternatives and all plated courses will be gluten and nut free.

  12. Is there a rain date?  The dinner will be held rain or shine under cover in a barn at the Ashby Stock Farm so no need for umbrellas.

  13. What if it is too cold?  We will be heating the barn if needed but it wouldn't hurt to bring a sweater or jacket if you get the chills easily.

  14. What if I lose my ticket?  You must have a ticket on your person to attend.  Contact Brian Foster at if you need your ticket re-issued.




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