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We would like to take a moment to thank the many people and
organizations who helped to make Ashby's 250th Anniversary
celebration a resounding success.

Thank you one and all !!!



Cathy Bilouris
Ashton Bosh
John Carter
Sue Collins
Lisa Dow
Laurie Dylan
Brad Fors
Brian Foster

Tricia Foster
Craig Irish
Kathy Juliano
Bill Ladue
Crystal Messamore
Deborah Moylan
John Pankowsky
Monica Pennell
Dot Rourke

Rebekah Sigall
Bill Stanwood
Elizabeth Strong
Bruce Wahler
Gordon Walker
Sherry Walker
Patty Wayrynen
Lillian Whitney




873 Cafe
Ashby Elementary School
Ashby Fire & EMS
Ashby Free Public Library
Ashby Highway Department
Ashby Historical Society

Ashby Market
Ashby Police Department
Ashby Stock Farm
Q Tha Musik
The Ashboys




Murray Cox
Rod Gaudreau
Cathy Johnson

Kenny Johnson
Carol Lielasus



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